If you haven’t yet checked out this source for news from AllSides, you need to.

It doesn’t claim to be perfect, but it gives you a chance to have balanced perspective by giving you access to news from the whole spectrum. The best part is that you know what you are getting before you read because the source has been rated for it’s bias.

If only you could get that kind of information about what you see on social media.


**I am not being paid for promotion of this website. I just like to know, and would like you to know, what I am reading so I can be better informed.**

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  1. The Hinoeuma · July 15, 2020

    Hm. Interesting. Caveat: “Ratings are based on online content, only…not TV, print or radio.”

    That puts the entire “center” column in the “lean left” column, the entire “lean left” column in the “left” column & the “left” column leaned even further left and fell over.

    There is NOTHING “center” about AP, BBC, Bloomberg, NPR (esp. them), Reuters, The Hill or USA Today. CSM, RCP & The Wall Street Journal are questionable at best. And, Fox News has never been totally right. O’Reilly was a moderate, Alan Colmes was left, Shepard Smith is left and many commentators are left. They are center at best.

    Hell. The new OANN appears to be right but still pushes the COVID-19 nonsense narrative. And, they all but stopped their US Constitution lessons.

    We are surrounded by so much corruption that we are gagging on it. Have you seen these:


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