Garbage “reporting”

The dude that wrote this article isn’t reporting anything (don’t actually click on the link unless you really wanna see it, cuz I really shouldn’t be exposing people to this kind of crap journalism). This is an opinion piece and should be flagged as such. As you can see, neither Google nor Yahoo News decided to label it appropriately.

Damon Linker, a “senior correspondent,” apparently doesn’t have anything to report on so he just decided to publish a article about his opinion. Yahoo News should actually be ashamed for putting it out there. Apparently, Damon has no shame either since he actually clicked publish on this.

News isn’t news unless it is reporting something of interest to the reader. Opinion, should be labeled in a manner that makes it clear there is no news, it’s just someone’s perspective. This is opinion. There is no reporting here.

How do people get paid to do this stuff…


  1. Curt · August 12, 2021

    Generally speaking, in order to be capable of shame, one must be able to acknowledge having done something wrong.


    • backuphill · August 12, 2021

      Wait, Curt, that is speaking in a rational and logical manner. I don’t believe the other side can handle such talk. Someone somewhere is looking for a safe space…

      Couldn’t be more true. In order to understand and acknowledge you have done something wrong, you have to have a moral compass. Sadly, one side has less developed moral compass and has replaced it with “my truth.”


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