Hairy soap

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I’m a body wash in a bottle guy for a reason. I don’t like hairy soap, plain and simple.

What do I mean? Well, I have had a bar of soap in the shower in the past. Obviously, I use it to clean my body, every day without fail. But, I use my hands to get a lather and then use my hands to spread the lather over my body parts – which usually also leads to more lather as well. I do not let the bar of soap touch any part of my body directly because I do not like hair on my bar of soap – even my own. It doesn’t even have to be hair from the nether regions of the body, just hair in general.

Now, imagine that I have managed to keep my soap hair free for several months and things are going swell. No worries in the world.

Then imagine a guest staying at the house who does not follow the same “soap rules” as I do. They take a shower, they use the soap in unacceptable ways, which is of course unbeknownst to them. They think nothing of it.

I am sure you can now imagine my surprise when I go to pick up the bar of soap and notice hair stuck to if from the previous user of the soap – obviously not me. Surprise probably isn’t really the right word…but I’ll keep the discussion family friendly. Bar of soap ruined.

Toss that slippery mess right into the trash! It is now contaminated beyond help.

Weird? I don’t know. Maybe. Anyone else out there hate this?

Thus, I am a body wash in a bottle kind of guy. Problem solved. No extra hair, anywhere.


  1. Curt · August 17

    When I travel to France, I come home with fancy-pants pure vegetable soap for myself. Guests get Dial.


    • backuphill · August 17

      So do you have a bathroom exclusively for guests or do you cleean out your soap before letting them use the bathroom?

      Oh, and nice to “see you”! Haven’t heard much from ya since you got back.


      • Curt · August 18

        Thanks! We’re fortunate to have a master bathroom just to ourselves, but I think I’d hide my soap if we didn’t. Also, I’m fortunate that my wife doesn’t particularly like my fancy French soap.


      • backuphill · August 18

        So what makes French soap fancy and why doesn’t your wife like it?


      • Curt · August 18

        It’s made from a base of vegetable oils and has a nice scent. My current bar smells like almonds. As for my wife, let’s just say the pH doesn’t agree with her and leave it at that.


      • backuphill · August 18

        Ah, yes, we can just leave it at that. 😉


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