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Wish me luck. I’ll probably need it.

I am headed to the walk-in clinic early this afternoon to see if there is anything they can do about the sinuses and deep lung coughing. Sleep last night was tough to come by and with a vacation coming in less than a week I am looking to kick this thing rather quickly.

Why do I need luck? Have you been to a walk-in? LOL

It takes a demonstration of extreme patience and tolerance.

It takes forever (typically) to get seen by a doc and, when you actually do see a doc it typically isn’t even a doc but a PA (physician’s assistant). I have found that care is a little suspect at that point. Plus, add in that a walk-in generally tries to rush you out once you’re in (it seems to take forever to see anyone and then once you do, you wonder why it took so long based on how long you actually got to see someone).

So, I am going to be brave and endure with the hope of some relief.


  1. The Hinoeuma · February 19, 2020

    Wanna clear your lungs? Pineapple & its juice. Look for foods with bromelain. Plus, lots of organic bone broth with raw, diced onions & crushed, raw garlic (anti bacterial & antiviral). If you can find organic miso broth, that helps, too. Add seaweed. Both have iodine which in turn helps your thyroid (which helps fight disease).

    OTC meds only interfere. Leave a fever alone as it is killing the invaders.


    • backuphill · February 19, 2020

      Thanks. I had never heard of pineapple juice helping with a cough until a few nights ago. Tried it, but it didn’t seem to do much good for me.

      Update on today’s post: I was the only (and first) person in the lobby as they had just opened. Took 10 minutes to checked in and it was 30 minutes before I was seen by a doc…they suspect bronchitis.


      • The Hinoeuma · February 19, 2020

        Food as medicine doesn’t work like taking a pill. Everyone wants to take a drug and be better in the morning. Working with your body, naturally, is a different mechanism.

        I hope you feel better.


  2. Curt Gilman · February 20, 2020

    A fellow American staying in the same house with me here in Mexico City arrived with a mild eye infection that got worse a couple days into his stay. He saw a local eye doctor twice, there was little or no wait, and it cost him less than a co-pay at home. He recovered nicely. The only hard part for him was finding the office.


    • backuphill · February 20, 2020

      My parents have become snowbirds (WA to CA) in the first couple months of the year. They routinely have gone to Los Algodones ( I think that is the place) for some of their medical care when in CA. They get a lot of dental work done in that medical enclave for far less than in the states.


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