Oh Canada…

Photo by Social Soup Social Media on Pexels.com


The once liberal bastion of freedom is anything but that these days.

Oh, and I say liberal in the political sense, not really the “anything goes” sense. It’s actually more progressive that liberal, but you know what I mean. They proclaim one thing, but do another – at least if you are following along with “their” viewpoint. If you don’t, well, they’ll just make you a criminal.

Pastors get arrested for holding religious services. Sure, there is a lockdown and a pandemic, but your religious freedom stops when the State determines that your freedom is risky.

People delivering food and fuel get arrested for supporting “terrorists” in Ottawa because, well, the truckers are causing a disturbance and have made life difficult for those who follow the State’s heavy handed handling of the pandemic and health”care.”

Honk your horn? Yeah, that’ll get you arrested too. Why? Well, again, you and your horn are an inconvenient reminder that freedom and choice are a right and not something to be taken lightly. I guess some would call it “noise pollution.” Never mind that the peace and freedom loving kind of people can’t pollute the silence of blind obedience and compliance, but the State can mandate pollution of your body because it says it can.

Oh Canada…perhaps you should rethink that national anthem. The lyrics don’t fit the situation any longer.


  1. Curt · February 8, 2022

    They can just switch over to the French version of the anthem, which conveniently doesn’t mention freedom at all.


    • backuphill · February 8, 2022

      Good point! I did not know that. It does, however, mention “protecting hearths and our rights”…and an “arm [that] knows how to bear the sword.” I guess the sword wielding is only for those who agree with the State’s opinion and not those who think contrarily.


  2. The Hinoeuma · February 9

    Did you hear that the Ottawa police returned the fuel with water in it?


    • backuphill · February 10

      I had not heard that. Simply and utterly outrageous! RCMP officers should be ashamed of how they are being told to enforce arbitrary laws being created out of thin air to fit the situation.


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