Single issue

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While watching a couple hours of TV last night I was struck by the type and tenor of the commercials. In about two hours of watching Hulu I saw roughly 13 commercials and 8 of them were political ads. Those political ads were all from Democrats running for office (incumbents and challengers) in the upcoming vote. All 8 ads mentioned a single issue – the “right” to kill babies.

Democrats are so scared of losing this election that they are focused singularly on one issue that is an emotional hot button topic, but really irrelevant to most voters right now. Its like their platform has a single, tired plank.

Other issues in this election? NOPE. Gonna focus on the need to kill babies all the time, any time, because that’s what the people need right now. Not national or local security. Not illegal immigration. Not the explosion of drugs. Not the poor education of our kids. Not the high prices of everything that makes having a budget difficult. Not the homeless. Not the infrastructure. Not the high cost of health care. Not corruption in and of the government. Just killing babies.

Anyone else find this interesting?


  1. Curt · November 2

    I’ll give the Democrats in Arizona a bit of credit here. About two weeks ago, they finally figured out that being all baby killing all the time wasn’t going to win them any swing votes. Now they’re all about “saving the republic,” trying to connect the dots between their opponents and the January 6 events. The connections are vague and the degrees of separation are numerous, but at least they know what’s not working.


    • backuphill · November 2

      LOL At least they have figured it out to some degree, but they just don’t seem to be focused on anything that really matters to real people. Here in WA, there appears to be only one issue…


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