Least productive

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What day of the week do you find you are the least productive at work?

I am finding that my least productive day is not one that I would expect. After a crazy busy week (most weeks) and I finally get a day to be productive that happens to fall on a Friday…yeah, that’s my least productive day.

Not because I am thinking of the weekend plans or trying to give myself that stupid buzz-word, “self-care.” I am just out of motivation.

By the end of the week, I could care less if I get anything done.

I am sure my employer would hate to hear that. I actually don’t like to hear it because I really have a ton to do (catch up on email, start projects, complete unfinished projects, etc). But, I just can’t get myself to do any of it. I look at what I have to do, my list of things to do, and all the other stuff sitting on my desk and I just can’t.

Is this normal? To just run out of productive steam at the end of the week?


  1. Stuart Danker · December 3

    It’s interesting that that happens to you at the end of the week. I myself find that I have to battle the inertia of getting started every single day. So I would say you’re pretty normal, and that I hope you find your path to productivity regardless!


    • backuphill · December 5

      Thanks, Stuart. It’s a new week and the energy and intentions are renewed and I think it will be a good week! But, we’ll see if the steam keeps rolling as the week goes along.

      Mornings are hard. No denying it. I drink lots of coffee. At the very least, it keeps me moving while I make frequent trips to the bathroom. 😉 I’ll drink an extra cup for you in hopes that maybe the mojo will find you. Good luck!


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