We all heard it

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So, my sick note means nothing, apparently.

As it turns out, I have to use another sick day today despite what the superintendent (“head boss”) said in our meeting on Friday.

On Friday, he had a meeting with out entire organization (our division really, because we are completely separate from the main entity) and we all heard that we shouldn’t go to work if we suspect we are sick but that if we could get a doc’s note approving telecommuting then we could amend the regular telecommute schedule as needed. My coworkers heard it, my manager heard it, my director heard it…or at least that is the way we all understood it.

Today, I am told my doc’s note doesn’t apply and only the regular telecommute schedule applies. WTF? According to the head office, there are no policies in place to accommodate this adjustment and until there is we have to stick with it – no matter that the head boss said something completely different.

Yeah, that’s BS – requiring your employees to burn their sick days when there is a major health concern going on when you know full well they can do their jobs from anyplace in the world without impacting the client (and have done so repeatedly). That makes complete sense.

So, I think I’ll binge on TV, and video games….and slowly burn in contempt of the head office.


  1. Curt Gilman · March 10, 2020

    Wait, are they telling you to burn a sick day for a day you worked from home? From where I’m sitting, if you worked, no matter where you worked, you get paid your regular wages. For an employer to do otherwise is nothing less than thievery.


    • backuphill · March 11, 2020

      No, sorry if that wasn’t clear. I started work for the day and worked two hours. Then I was informed that I couldn’t work and needed to take the rest of the day off as a sick day. I get paid sick leave and I have a ton of sick days, but for me it is the principle of the thing…it contradicts what we were just told in a meeting just two days prior. That’s the irritating part.

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