What the heck ya’ll doing?

I hope you aren’t one of those crazy people out there hoarding toilet paper for no damn reason! Seriously! Covid-19 ain’t got nothing to do with your pooper, people. You all are just going “5150” on us.

People fighting in the aisles of stores? Costco limiting purchases and having to hand out the TP? Empty store shelves wherever you go? Good grief people, TP isn’t gonna keep you from getting the virus and it sure as hell isn’t needed if you had the virus. All you really have done is create a black market for TP.

Ya’ll done “wiped” out the stores. I wish I was making this sh*t up. Get your mind “outta the toilet” and wash your hands instead. Let’s “flush” this nonsense asap.

See, now you got me all making puns for funs because people ain’t got the runs.

If you are one of those hoarders, STOP! Ain’t no poop emergency.



  1. The Hinoeuma · March 11, 2020

    LMAO! I am in tears!

    I was at a Costco two days ago. There weren’t that many people there (I go during the work hours) but, the most missing items were sugar, rice and the Clorox wipes. I was informed that the Kirkland brand of TP was gone but, they still had Charmin. Sugar & rice. I guess rice wine & stills are a priority? Everything else was on the shelves or in the cold units. Strange…

    Then, I trotted to the Harris Teeter. Everything was on shelves except, again, no Clorox or Lysol wipes and no bleach. Bare shelves. The hoarders left behind the spray bottles with the same concoctions. They still had TP but, most of their ginger ale was gone.

    It’s getting weird out there.

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    • backuphill · March 11, 2020

      Sorry, didn’t mean to make you cry. 😉

      Kirkland vs. Charmin…consumers have spoken: the extra $4-7 for a crappier crap catcher means crap when it comes to a health crisis. LOL

      Dang, another pun…

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